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Sponsor Update: RHS Hannah Stodel Events in September

Kids Sailing Masterclass – FREE – Saturday 11 September 2021 at 9:00 to 12:00 Join us at Alton Water, on Saturday 11 September, the base of the RHS Sailing Academy for a morning of high-level coaching and racing led by 4 x Paralympic Sailor and World Championship Winner Hannah Stodel and supported by the RHS […]

Outside Fleet Welcome – 2019

Welcome to Cadet week 2019,  I am Ben Woodcraft and I am your race officer for the outside fleet. I started sailing when I was ten and have sailed all sorts of boats since then. I am looking forward to Cadet Week just as much as you are and take great pleasure in watching you […]

Inside Fleet Welcome – 2019

Ahoy to all ye Pirates and ye elders! Avast with ye books ‘n’ studyin’ and with ye confoundin’ X Boxes n’ Play Stations, for ’t is time for Mersea Cadet Week 2019! ‘t is an honour t’ be part o’ the dedicated Cadet Week Crew that works fingers to the bone all year t’ make […]