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Cadets 2018

I have had such a nice time sailing in Diamond Fleet. I have made so much friends and had so much fun. I love sailing because I get wet. I'm really proud of myself and my boat. I am also proud of all the people in my fleet.

Diamond Fleet
Hi I'm Austin and I'm 8 years old.
I've really enjoyed cadet week even though at times I have been nervous.
I have enjoyed all the social activities especially 'It's a knock out' my captain Charlie was really friendly.
I have made new friends and have had lots of fun doing the off shore activities like the scavenger hunt. But the very best thing has been getting out on the water sailing.
12 weeks ago I knew nothing about sailing and my mum and dad knew even less! Now I can sailing a triangle, tack, jibe and know my dagger board from my rudder. I feel more confident and will miss not sailing but can't wait for next season.
There have been lots of people who have helped me, particularly Liz who instructed and helped me, Simon who encouraged me, Ray who's helped my mum, dad and me learn how to rig my boat, Lucy Wragg who helped my mum know all the kit I needed, Tom Bowman who got the front of my boat fixed before the start of the season, all the safety crew who make me feel safe when I'm out on the water, all the people on the beach that get me in and out of the water and help me with my trolley!
I truly have been the luckiest kid on Earth this week.
Thank you!
8 years old, Diamond Fleet

Chairman’s Welcome


First World War’s last year to be marked 100 years on By Mersea Cadets.

As the Centenary of the Armistice approaches many of our collective memories are fading.

Cadets Remember 2018 is an opportunity to refresh the memories of the gift of liberty that the soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians of the First World War afforded the continent of Europe.

The course of our own times has been indelibly influenced by the events of 1914-1918 and their aftermath, as were the lives of our ancestors, and so we remember.

We would encourage all Cadets to research and share their family wartime histories both on the battlefield and the home front.

It is great to see both the Dabchicks and the West Mersea Yacht Club working together to create a memorable Cadet Week 2018.

My thanks as ever, to our amazing Social & Sailing Team, our Platinum, Gold and valued Supporters. Boat loaners, anonymous donors, fuel givers, beach crew and wader wearers, computer programmers & logo designers, lawn crew, safety crew, beach crew, galley crew, tally masters, race officers, spotters, mark layers, club launches … the list goes on! Together we make it happen.

Cadets please remember to say thank you!


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