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SIs for both Outside and Inside Fleets will be published a week before the event.

Inside Fleet Welcome

Cadet Week 2018 Remembers

Welcome to ‘Mersea Cadet Week 2018 Remembers’.  It is an honour to be part of the large Cadet Week team, all of whom work so hard to make cadet week so enjoyable and memorable.   Our objective for the Optimist Fleets this year will be to have ‘maximum fun, subject to safety’, which fits our well-founded ethos to ‘bring them home smiling!’.

We will be sailing all our Optimist fleets in the beautiful waters of the Mersea quarters and creeks. We are aiming for a healthy mix of enjoyment, competition, challenge, learning and laughter.

We will again be running 4 Optimist fleets: Gold, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond.

Diamond Fleet is for our first-year sailors, (matching the current DSC Sunset Diamond Fleet), most of whom will be new to racing.  We will offer simple short courses for everyone to enjoy with plenty of support/encouragement from coaches and the safety boat crews

Emerald Fleet is aimed at our second-year sailors (This matches the current DSC Sunset Emerald Fleet) and those who have already had a little racing experience. The courses are still moderately short and set appropriately to match the ability of the majority of the fleet.

Ruby Fleet is aimed at sailors who are in their third and fourth year sailing Optimists. (This matches our Bronze and Silver DSC Sunset Fleets.)  Courses are set, usually in the more open waters alongside the Gold fleet.  The racing is therefore a little more competitive and challenging. However, again, the courses will be set to match the ability of the majority of the fleet.

Gold Fleet is, our top Optimist fleet aimed at providing challenging races for the more experienced sailors and keen racers (This fleet matches those in DSC Sunset Gold Fleet plus any of the more confident/experienced sailors in DSC Sunset Silver Fleet.)

Sailing Format

Our aim is always to set races that match the abilities for the majority of each fleet and maximises their enjoyment. We will also have some sailing activity for all Optimist fleets that is not based on pure racing.  We normally manage to get in more races than the outside fleets. However, we measure success by the smiles rather than the miles and our aim is for the majority of the sailors to do more sailing than bailing!

Although we all hope for a glorious week of weather, this is England, so sailors must be prepared to go sailing in what can be changeable and challenging conditions. We will hold a briefing first thing each day to run through that day’s plans, debrief on the day before and keep all sailors and parents fully informed.


Be organised. Get down to the waterfront in plenty of time – there’s always lots to do.

Don’t forget to put some water and a snack in the boat, plus sun cream and a hat if it’s hot and a woolly hat and appropriate/extra sailing clothes if it is looking colder.

All sailors must sign-on, tally both on and off the water and sign-off!


This year’s theme is undoubtedly one of the best that there has ever been. We can take appropriate opportunity to reflect respectfully and remember those who, 100 years ago, made such sacrifices for the freedom we all enjoy today.  We can also appreciate how lucky we all are to celebrate that freedom in the best possible way, by sailing on the beautiful waters around our incredible Island, enjoying fun and laughter, and by making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

To all sailors and parents, have a great Cadet Week 2018!

Chris Burr – Inside Fleet Leader

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