Outside Fleet Welcome – 2019

Welcome to Cadet week 2019,  I am Ben Woodcraft and I am your race officer for the outside fleet.

I started sailing when I was ten and have sailed all sorts of boats since then. I am looking forward to Cadet Week just as much as you are and take great pleasure in watching you racing and having fun. ‘ The art of the sailor is leave nothing to chance’ so if I have any tips for you it will be –make sure your boat is prepared. Read sailing instructions and know your course

You don’t want to be following other boats as they may be going in the wrong direction. Try to get a good start and always sail your own race.

The other top tip is never collide with another boat even if you have right of way better to call for people to do penalty turns. Remember these boats cost your parents a lot of money. I could go on but I won’t so good luck and have fun.

And remember this

‘There are good ships and wood ships, the ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are friendships and may they always be.’

From an old Irish Toast

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