Inside Fleet Welcome – 2019

Ahoy to all ye Pirates and ye elders!

Avast with ye books ‘n’ studyin’ and with ye confoundin’ X Boxes n’ Play Stations, for ’t is time for Mersea Cadet Week 2019!

‘t is an honour t’ be part o’ the dedicated Cadet Week Crew that works fingers to the bone all year t’ make ye Cadet Week so enjoyable ‘n memorable.  With a healthy mix o’ fun ‘n competition, learnin’ ‘n laughter, we aims to bring’em all ashore ‘appy, if a tad muddy!

We have four Optimist fleets: Gold, Ruby, Emerald ‘n Diamond!

Diamond Fleet be our first-year sailors, most will be new t’ sailin’ ‘n’ racin’. They be ‘avin’ fun activities and simple races with plenty o’ support ‘n’ encouragement from coaches, ‘n th’ support ships.

Emerald Fleet be aimed at our second-year sailors ‘n those who already had a wee bit o’ racin’.  The courses will still be moderately short ‘n’ set t’ match ability o’ th’ majority o’ the fleet.

Ruby Fleet be aimed at sailors who are in their third ‘n fourth year sailin’.  (This matches the Bronze ‘n’ Silver DSC Sunset Fleets.)  Courses will, usually, be set in th’ more open waters alongside Gold fleet.  The racin’ will be a wee more competitive ‘n challengin’. However, again courses will be set t’ match ability o’ the majority o’ th’ fleet.

Gold Fleet be, our top Optimist fleet with races for the more experienced sailors ‘n’ keener racers.  (This fleet matches those in DSC Sunset Gold Fleet plus any more confident/experienced sailors in Sunset Silver Fleet.)

Our aim is to have maximum fun subject to safety. We’ll get lots of races in but we be a’ measurin’ our success by the smiles not the miles.  It be about the sailin’ and not the bailin’!  We will aim to include some fun sailing activities that are not pure races.

Although we all hopes for a glorious week o’ weather, ’tis Jolly ol’ England, so sailors must be prepared for what’er the Blackwater throws at ye.

Make sure you come to the ‘Pirate Parley’ each morning for a debrief on the prior day, and to hear our plans for the day to come.


  • Be organised – Get down the HaRRRd in plenty o’ time. T’is always lots to do!
  • Take some water ‘n a snack aboard with ye;
  • Take care of ye rubbish. Look after the Sea and the Sea will look  after ye!
  • If the sun be out, wear a hat and use good quality sun cream – High Factorrrrrrr!
  • If it gets cooler, grab a woolly hat ‘n extra warm sailin’ clothes. A warm Pirate be a ‘appy Pirate!; and
  • Each day, pirates must sign-on, Tally on ,Tally off th’ water and then sign-off!

To all ye pirates ‘n elders, ‘ave  ye’ a fine Cadet Week 2019!

Chris Burrrrrrrrrr

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